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C# Tailor Made Developer @ Elia


February 2015 to present

Context: Elia operates the high-voltage (30 kV to 380 kV) electricity transmission system in Belgium.

  • Create applications to manage the power management on the grid:
    • Forecasting of the grid production and consumption
    • Management of outages and crisis
    • Organisation and exchanges between European countries

Tools: Visual Studio, VS Code, TFS, VSTS, Git, Swagger, SSMS, NoSQLBooster, Power Factory, …

Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, Sprints, Kanban, TDD, BDD, SOLID, MVVM, …

Technologies: C#, WPF, UWP, WCF, Web API, REST, Swagger, NServiceBus, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, …

Frameworks: .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET 5, Telerik, Syncfusion, WinUI, HighCharts, …

C# Developer


January 2014 to February 2015

Context: This year was completely different than the others for me: I travelled around the world to see its wonders, to improve my English and to start my freelance career. oDesk, Elance and are web platforms for remote workers. So I worked for companies around the world to continue to improve my skills while travelling.

  • Create a WPF application to convert Word documents in PDF with batch processing
  • Update and create some behaviours with Unity3D (C# in Xamarin)
  • Create a map with pinpoints on with Google Maps API
  • Create a Youtube uploader in WPF with Google Youtube API
  • Create some web scrapping tools with HtmlAgilityPack
  • Create an AngularJS web application to manage budgets
  • Create a web application for a bakery chain to order their materials
  • Do mass validation with regex of email address (more than 500 000)
  • Do some Scryber templates

C# Developer @ Elia


June 2013 to January 2014 (7 months)

Context: Elia operates the high-voltage (30 kV to 380 kV) electricity transmission system in Belgium. They needed me to create and/or maintain 19 applications to manage their business and the internal system.

  • SharePoint 2010 development
  • Update and create some charts components on their web page

(ex: with Javascript and HighCharts

  • Create an application that enable worker to deactivate a power cabin by SMS to be able to do an intervention with a dashboard for the monitoring with WPF.
  • Create an ASPX application with Razor, Tweeter Bootstrap and KendoUI to manage their projects.
  • Be able to manage all the IT requests (new user, new material …) via a web page.
  • Maintain an application for the electrical engineers and their providers.
  • Maintain the organogram in old ASP.
  • Create some web services that provides electricity forecasts (solar, wind …) and for electrical loads.
  • Update the mobile version of their web site
  • Create an application that use QRCode providing the information to generate the business card of an employee.
  • Link Jira and TFS.

Environments: MS Windows Server 2012, MS SharePoint 2010, MS SQL 2012

Tools and methodologies: MS Visual Studio 2012, SCRUM

Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, Razor, ASP, JavaScript, HTML5, HighCharts, Tweeter Bootstrap, Kendo UI, XML, XSL, WPF, WCF, Arc4U, …

.Net skills improvements @ U2U

U2U Consult

April 2013 to June 2013

U2U training and self-learning:

  • Advanced Programming in MVC4 (ASP.NET and Razor)
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Test Driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing
  • SOLID Principles, Design Patterns
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)

C# and SharePoint Developer @ Belfius


January 2011 to March 2013

Context: Moody’s, Fitch, S&P … Dexia (Belfius) has its own notation system called IRS.

This Internal Rating System is a tool which is used to calculate and analyse equity capital (Risk Management – BAL2). The client required this analysis to be managed by advanced custom workflows in SharePoint 2010. I developed a system allowing the data to be loaded and saved from/to SharePoint and SQL via web services in an Excel file (template) and to be calculated with Excel Services. For this project I was team leader, managing four developers.

  • C#.Net 3.5 development
  • Develop complex workflows in C#
  • Coaching and training of 4 developers
  • Make documentation and training supports
  • JavaScript, Ajax and have been used for improving UI components
  • Excel Services as a Web Service for confidential calculation
  • Linq and SPMetal to have an object representation of SharePoint lists and SQL tables
  • VSTO (C#) to replace VBA in Excel files
  • BODS jobs to link SQL to Oracle DB
  • SVN and Tortoise for sources management, Dimension for environment migrations
  • Jira has been used for bug reporting
  • Virtualize all the project environment in Citrix Stream (XenApp)
  • Content Management (Upload-download files, Edit menu, Check-in and out, Recover files, …)
  • Analysis of the processes
  • Compare and test the different available technologies
  • TimerJobs
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Secure Store for external Lists
  • WSP packaging and features publishing
  • Create a complete SharePoint 2010 Framework (can be used for all SharePoint 2010 projects)

Advanced management for:

  • Lists and Fields (CRUD)
  • Users, Groups, Lists and List items Security
  • Menu and Custom Actions
  • Events manager
  • Export any GridView or SQL table to CSV
  • SharePoint toolbox…

Environments: MS Windows Server 2008, IIS 7, MS SharePoint 2010, MS SQL, Oracle

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SharePoint Designer 2010, SVN, Tortoise, Serena Dimension, Jira, SSIS, BODS

Technologies: ASPX, C#.Net 3.5, Linq (Entity Framework) , WCF, WPF, XAML, VSTO, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Excel Services, REST, SOAP, BCS (BDC), XML, XSLT, XPath, VBA, SPMetal, STSadm, PowerShell

C#.Net – Azure Developer @ Telenet


December 2010 (1 month)

I developed a WinForm application to upload large files in batch mode to an Azure environment.

  • C#.Net 3.5
  • Upload large files to Azure
  • Fat client development
  • Queue Management: save, pause, resume and delete the queue
  • Integration to a larger application

Environment: MS Azure

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2010

Technologies: C#.Net 3.5, Azure

SharePoint Developer @ SPF Economie

SPF Economie

January to November 2010 (11 months)

Context: A new SharePoint environment has been deployed and we needed to customize some functionalities. The purpose was to create custom workflows to manage asks from contractors for FOD Economie.

  • SharePoint 2007 development
  • Analysis of the process
  • Compare the different translation technologies
  • Test and implement these technologies
  • Develop the custom workflows with C# and ASPX pages
  • TimerJobs
  • Search Crawl with PowerShell
  • Create Office templates as default document for SharePoint Document Libraries
  • Use Office documents meta-data
  • Advanced WSP packaging (XML and WSP Builder)
  • People development: Coaching and Training (to end users and developers)
  • Make documentation and training supports

Environments: MS Windows Server 2003, MS SharePoint 2007, MS SQL 2005

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2005 & 2008, MS SharePoint Designer, IE Dev Toolbar, WSPBuilder, SPMetal

Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, HTML

SharePoint Developer @ BT

British Telecom

2009 (1 month)

Context: BT used to use the Outlook Public Folders. We recently deployed a SharePoint environment.

The purpose was to migrate all the documents stored into the Public Folders to SharePoint with a custom Outlook add-in.

Outcome: BT can now transfer all the documents stored into the Public Folders to SharePoint Document Libraries with a time-saver Outlook add-in and a simple right click.

  • Analysis of the processes
  • Develop the Outlook add-in with VSTO to migrate the documents
  • Automatic file classification (based on the title) in batch mode

Environments: Windows Server 2003&2008, SharePoint 2007, MS SQL

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2008, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Outlook 2003 & 2007

Technologies: C#.Net 3.5, VSTO

System Engineer @ Sagrex


2009 (3 months)

Context: All the servers and data needed to be transferred to the new building.

At the same time, a new folder structure with the required security had to be created because Gralex had been split into two entities: Sagrex and Holcim.

The backlog on this ongoing project had to be dealt with in a timely fashion. 3 months to fulfil the task.

Outcome: The advanced scripting of the processes resulted in a shorter timeframe needed to complete the migration.


  • Analysis of the processes
  • Meetings with the different departments of Gralex to discuss the approach and plan the server and data migration
  • Data Storage migration
  • Active Directory migration
  • Exchange server migration
  • Automating the processes via scripting

Environments: Windows Server 2000 & 2003

Tools: Hyena, Active Directory, Exchange

Technologies: VBScript, VBA, batch files, PowerShell

C#.Net Developer @ GSK Bio


2009 (5 months)

Context: A high level project requirement was supplied by the GSK Bio IT department in order to build from scratch a WiFi Ticket Management tool which would increase the efficiency of customer and consultants’ work.

The main objective was to develop a user friendly application which could be used to create a WiFi ticketeting system across a WiFi Cisco Network.

Outcome: Application (Guest Access Ticketing System) has been deployed worldwide for GSK Bio.


  • Analysis of the business need
  • Determined the technical feasibility of the project
  • Reverse engineering (sniffing) to understand how the WiFi Controller works (SNMP requests)
  • Determined the total cost of the project
  • Determined the necessary resources and planning of the project
  • Presented the project to the GSK Bio executive committee
  • Develop a Service that manage all the requests to the right controllers (worldwide)
  • Designed a Web Application with Visual WebGui to Cisco WiFi Controllers as a ticketing system
  • Each GSK Building (reception) can access the Web App to create a ticket to the chosen building
  • Uses Active Directory to access the Web App (security)
  • People development: Coaching and Training (to end users and developers)
  • Make documentation and training supports

Environments: Windows Server 2008, MS SQL, WiFi Cisco Network with controllers and anchor controllers

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2008, Visual WEBGUI Framework by Gizmox (AJAX framework for .Net 3.5)

Technologies: C#.Net 3.5, SNMP, Active Directory

C#.Net, Silverlight Developer @ SPF Justice

SPF Justice

The Ministry of Justice (administration, prisons…) wanted to upgrade their network infrastructure. To follow the progression of these new installations, they asked for a monitoring application. I developed a Silverlight map of Belgium with all the provinces. You can click on a province to zoom in and then see and edit the pushpins that represents a monitoring point.

  • Use of Silverlight 3
  • Use of MS Expression Blend to create the XAML

Technologies: SOAP, XML, WebServices, Silverlight 3.0, XAML, C#.Net 3.5, Expression Blend, Visual Studio

System engineer / IT Support / C# developer @ CHRH

Centre Hospitalier Regional de Huy

System Engineer:

  • Install new Systems: Citrix, VMWare, large backup storage (more than 8 million files to keep safely for 99 years), …
  • Helpdesk management (helpdesk creation from scratch: Cisco Call Manager installation, configuration, build a monitoring screen to see the issues, training for the end users, create a knowledge base with the resolution of all the common issues

Network Engineer:

  • New patch panels, new switches and core switches, install Cisco WiFi Controllers, configure all the new infrastructure
  • Manage DCOM machines to be able to communicate across the new Cisco network
  • Make trainings and documentations for the internal IT


  • Create a ticketing application to able the patients to get WiFi via a guest VLAN
  • Add some new functionalities to their custom Medical File System
  • Help a team of developers to design a Stretcher System (follow and optimize their trajects)

Environments: Windows Server 2003, SuSe Linux, Novell Netware 6.5, Solaris, HP Storage, Cisco, Oracle

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2005, TOAD, Visual WebGui, Citrix, VMWare, HP Storage Controller, …

Technologies: C#.Net, PL/SQL, SNMP, VBA, VBScript, …

Technology Specialist


  • Customer KBC: Application packaging: scripting (various techniques on Tivoli)
  • Java custom classes for Cisco Call Manager development for INS Services, the Ministry of Finance and AON
  • Customer CHR Huy: Cisco VoIP network installation
  • Customer Avaya: support HP/Compaq servers
  • Customer AON: Java technology – WebService client interaction with Cisco Call Manager (SOAP)
  • Customer Italcementi (France): Application packaging: scripting (various techniques on R.A.T.)