January 2014 to February 2015

Context: This year was completely different than the others for me: I travelled around the world to see its wonders, to improve my English and to start my freelance career. oDesk, Elance and Freelancer.com are web platforms for remote workers. So I worked for companies around the world to continue to improve my skills while travelling.

  • Create a WPF application to convert Word documents in PDF with batch processing
  • Update and create some behaviours with Unity3D (C# in Xamarin)
  • Create a map with pinpoints on with Google Maps API
  • Create a Youtube uploader in WPF with Google Youtube API
  • Create some web scrapping tools with HtmlAgilityPack
  • Create an AngularJS web application to manage budgets
  • Create a web application for a bakery chain to order their materials
  • Do mass validation with regex of email address (more than 500 000)
  • Do some Scryber templates