June 2013 to January 2014 (7 months)

Context: Elia operates the high-voltage (30 kV to 380 kV) electricity transmission system in Belgium. They needed me to create and/or maintain 19 applications to manage their business and the internal system.

  • SharePoint 2010 development
  • Update and create some charts components on their web page

(ex: http://www.elia.be/en/grid-data/dashboard) with Javascript and HighCharts

  • Create an application that enable worker to deactivate a power cabin by SMS to be able to do an intervention with a dashboard for the monitoring with WPF.
  • Create an ASPX application with Razor, Tweeter Bootstrap and KendoUI to manage their projects.
  • Be able to manage all the IT requests (new user, new material …) via a web page.
  • Maintain an application for the electrical engineers and their providers.
  • Maintain the organogram in old ASP.
  • Create some web services that provides electricity forecasts (solar, wind …) and for electrical loads.
  • Update the mobile version of their web site
  • Create an application that use QRCode providing the information to generate the business card of an employee.
  • Link Jira and TFS.

Environments: MS Windows Server 2012, MS SharePoint 2010, MS SQL 2012

Tools and methodologies: MS Visual Studio 2012, SCRUM

Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, Razor, ASP, JavaScript, HTML5, HighCharts, Tweeter Bootstrap, Kendo UI, XML, XSL, WPF, WCF, Arc4U, …