2009 (5 months)

Context: A high level project requirement was supplied by the GSK Bio IT department in order to build from scratch a WiFi Ticket Management tool which would increase the efficiency of customer and consultants’ work.

The main objective was to develop a user friendly application which could be used to create a WiFi ticketeting system across a WiFi Cisco Network.

Outcome: Application (Guest Access Ticketing System) has been deployed worldwide for GSK Bio.


  • Analysis of the business need
  • Determined the technical feasibility of the project
  • Reverse engineering (sniffing) to understand how the WiFi Controller works (SNMP requests)
  • Determined the total cost of the project
  • Determined the necessary resources and planning of the project
  • Presented the project to the GSK Bio executive committee
  • Develop a Service that manage all the requests to the right controllers (worldwide)
  • Designed a Web Application with Visual WebGui to Cisco WiFi Controllers as a ticketing system
  • Each GSK Building (reception) can access the Web App to create a ticket to the chosen building
  • Uses Active Directory to access the Web App (security)
  • People development: Coaching and Training (to end users and developers)
  • Make documentation and training supports

Environments: Windows Server 2008, MS SQL, WiFi Cisco Network with controllers and anchor controllers

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2008, Visual WEBGUI Framework by Gizmox (AJAX framework for .Net 3.5)

Technologies: C#.Net 3.5, SNMP, Active Directory