January 2011 to March 2013

Context: Moody’s, Fitch, S&P … Dexia (Belfius) has its own notation system called IRS.

This Internal Rating System is a tool which is used to calculate and analyse equity capital (Risk Management – BAL2). The client required this analysis to be managed by advanced custom workflows in SharePoint 2010. I developed a system allowing the data to be loaded and saved from/to SharePoint and SQL via web services in an Excel file (template) and to be calculated with Excel Services. For this project I was team leader, managing four developers.

  • C#.Net 3.5 development
  • Develop complex workflows in C#
  • Coaching and training of 4 developers
  • Make documentation and training supports
  • JavaScript, Ajax and have been used for improving UI components
  • Excel Services as a Web Service for confidential calculation
  • Linq and SPMetal to have an object representation of SharePoint lists and SQL tables
  • VSTO (C#) to replace VBA in Excel files
  • BODS jobs to link SQL to Oracle DB
  • SVN and Tortoise for sources management, Dimension for environment migrations
  • Jira has been used for bug reporting
  • Virtualize all the project environment in Citrix Stream (XenApp)
  • Content Management (Upload-download files, Edit menu, Check-in and out, Recover files, …)
  • Analysis of the processes
  • Compare and test the different available technologies
  • TimerJobs
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Secure Store for external Lists
  • WSP packaging and features publishing
  • Create a complete SharePoint 2010 Framework (can be used for all SharePoint 2010 projects)

Advanced management for:

  • Lists and Fields (CRUD)
  • Users, Groups, Lists and List items Security
  • Menu and Custom Actions
  • Events manager
  • Export any GridView or SQL table to CSV
  • SharePoint toolbox…

Environments: MS Windows Server 2008, IIS 7, MS SharePoint 2010, MS SQL, Oracle

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SharePoint Designer 2010, SVN, Tortoise, Serena Dimension, Jira, SSIS, BODS

Technologies: ASPX, C#.Net 3.5, Linq (Entity Framework) , WCF, WPF, XAML, VSTO, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Excel Services, REST, SOAP, BCS (BDC), XML, XSLT, XPath, VBA, SPMetal, STSadm, PowerShell